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Terms of Sale


NO Buyers Premiums or Reserves

We want you to have a good time at our auction.  We consider it to be the best entertainment in town. If there are any issues, please let us know so we can have the opportunity to solve the issue.

If you have not registered in back with the cashier and received a bidder number, please do so at this time.  We will not accept a bid without a number.

For our customers that do not have a Texas Tax ID number, a tax rate of 6.75% is charged.

Buyers guides are provided at the cashiers stand at the time of registration.  We sell in consecutive order 1 to _____, please refer to this guide to plan those necessary breaks.  This also allows us to be efficient in running the auction.

Items are sold in minimum increments of $2.50.

We use an electronic clerking system to track bids.  Once you win a bid, the lot is credited to your bidder number and you do not have to wait on lot cards to check out.  We do ask that you check your invoice to make sure everything is correct when you check out.

We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Please make sure that when you purchase an item, that your bid is what the auctioneer says it is.  It is easier to fix an issue right then than later.  We want you to be happy with your experience here at Moore's Hillje Auction.  We take pride in running an honest auction, there is no other way to do business.

We do reserve the right for our employees to bid.  This is the only opportunity for them to have an opportunity to buy items.

We do accept left or absentee bids.  Our clerk will bid on those items for those customers.  Absentee bids left for firearms, will require a form 4473 to be completed before the bid will be entered into the system. 

This is an "as is, where is" auction.  We make no implied or expressed guarantees on any items.  If we know of an issue, we will tell you.  However, please inspect any item that you wish to bid on.  Once you win the bid, the item is yours.  You may take an item to your seat or keep your items in an area, please double check that the item you are picking up is yours.  If there is a question to whether an item is yours, please check with our cashier.

In the event of a tie bid, the auctioneer will open the bidding between the tied bidders only.

Please remove your items at the conclusion of the auction.  Items left and not picked up within 15 days of the auction will revert back to the Moore's Hillje Auction and be resold or donated.

When bidding, please make sure that you get your number up so we can see it.  We do not want to miss your bid on an item you want.

Firearm purchasers:   Moore's Hillje Auction is a Federal Firearms Licensee or FFL.   All persons wishing to purchase a firearm must complete form 4473 and pass a background check to take possession of the firearm.  If you are an FFL, LTC or CHL holder, you do not have to pass a background check with presentation of that license, but must complete a form 4473.  Copies will be made of the license and will be filed with the form 4473. In the event there is an issue with the background check, we will discuss how it will be handled on an individual basis. Should you receive a Deny on the background check, you will not receive possession of the firearm and must pay for it.  Moores will resale the firearm at the next auction and you will receive the proceeds from that sale. Pistols cannot be transferred to out of state customers, the pistol will have to be transferred to another FFL in the home state and that FFL will transfer the pistol to the buyer.

30 minutes after the conclusion of the outside sale, we will lock the outside building.  Once the building is locked, you will have to get an available staff member to open the building for you. 

Please follow us on Facebook, we update information regularly there.

We start outside at 12:30 pm.